Shows Building 197 retained as residential, but still with Bldg. 197 without
wings or underground parking and Pier 5 now not defined. The “Original
SIn” of Constellation Wharf, a non “Water Dependent Use”, intruding into
our public Coastal Waters and blocking vistas to the harbor is shown.
An agreement was made with original developer “Immobilarie” that in
order to allow the Flagship Wharf developer to add the East and West
wings and the parking under, townhouses shown on Pier 5 (See
development proposal by Anderson Notter) would be substituted for those
development rights and eliminated from Pier 5. This agreement was
confirmed by Immobilarie and Immobilarie Development Team members,
Navy Yard Community Representatives, colleagues at Anderson/Notter/
Finegold Architects, etc., but this agreement document has somehow,
mysteriously, disappeared.

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