Navy Yard Plan RFP

think the documentation and the available BPDA online resources are summarized and linked below. It has take some time to find these links. I think we can use and reuse these links and documentation. We should consider collecting these links and documents in our association library AND including the essence in our presentations.   The place to find past RFP’s and decisions and awards of the BPDA is on their “Procurement” page. Link to the old Activation RFP: Activation of the Charlestown Navy Yard Waterfront & Water’s Edge ( Note that no award or decision is referenced or linked. We don’t know what the Anthem/Anchor award actually entailed that I’m award. I see know new RFP Link to the procurement page: Procurement | Boston Planning & Development Agency ( RFP for Plan: Charlestown page reference: PLANCharlestown ( Link to the RFP is included if you scroll down. The RFP which I’ve also attached specifically EXCLUDES the Navy Yard and Bunker Hill Housing. The Plan for the Navy Yard referenced in the BPDA page on Plan: Charlestown is the 1990 Navy Yard Master Plan for the Yard’s End “updated” in 2007. Links: PLAN: Charlestown | Boston Planning & Development Agency ( and Navy Yard Master Plan Implementation | Boston Planning & Development Agency ( See Page 7 and Exhibit J on page 68 Exhibit J: Note the comment at the bottom. This image should repeatedly be sent with comments and letters and articles proving the BPDA is misrepresenting and lying.