P5 Park Designated Attributes Eligibility

P5 Park Designated Attributes Eligibility

Pier 5, a Landmark Park at the Head of Boston Harbor, is a Unique Public Realm, View and Structure which fits the bill of the following officiated value designations of:

Municipal Harbor Plans:

Special Public Destination Facilities (SPDFs)

• FPAs that enhance the destination value of the waterfront by

serving significant community needs, attracting a broad range of

people, or providing innovative amenities for public use

• SPDFs have been used in MHPs as a primary way to mitigate for

potential negative impacts to the pedestrian environment

Grants National Science Foundation

Research is often driven by a compelling societal or scientific challenge; however, it may take the research community years to develop a solution. To deliver tangible solutions that have a nation-wide societal impact and at an accelerated pace, the NSF Convergence Accelerator brings together multiple disciplines, expertise, and cross-cutting partnerships to develop solutions through a convergence research approach and innovation processes. For additional information about the Convergence Accelerator, visit: NSF Convergence Accelerator | NSF – National Science Foundation

The Convergence Accelerator has published both an NSF program solicitation (recommended for Institutions of Higher Education) and a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for research (recommended for industry, non-profits, and other submitters) to help increase the level of interest from non-academic organizations.

Programming + Dedication + Monument Notes – Park Bells and Whistles, Educational

  • Boston University School of Public Health
  • Parsons
  • Bard
  • BU Undergrad Research Programs Contact Madeleine Scammell.
  • MIT SOLVE programm
  • Bunker Hill Community College interns run FEMA’s Youth Preparedness Council!
  • shaded areas and xeriscape  plantings. 
  • Solid foam based ‘hills’ creating elevated spaces for activities without  loading the pier with excessive weight 
  • The NYCA Pier 5 Committee proposes to help in education and  fundraising with the public to gather support for creation o f Pier 5 as a  platform for these activities, as well as financial support for their  continued maintenance . The NYCA Pier 5 Committee anticipates working in partnership with  Navy Yard and city organizations

Sasaki Associates  Working closely with the U.S. Secretary of the Navy, and the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, alongside the client team of the National Park Service (NPS) and the USS Constitution Museum, Brie Hensold, as the principal-in-charge and lead urban planner for the Sasaki team, led a master plan to transform the visitor experience of the Navy Yard Historical Park. The Navy Yard, located in Charlestown, Massachusetts, is a landmark for the City of Boston and the region, drawing some one million visitors a year.

BPDA Notes

The BPDA needs the City of Boston Development. at the Head of the Harbor to determine socio-ecological responsibility and socio-economic feasibility. to bolster communication with and Transparency for the communities

The recent (legal event) will have everyone with their eye on the water reflecting on it. As a part of the recent law milestone is giving the BPDA more time to reflect on it’s legacy modus operandi and prove to the people it can be trusted and the bulldozing ways of the BRA are past.

The City of Boston, private BPDA and the Public are all poised to live up to being a global city. The City of Boston needs to take a step back and look at the big picture. Act on Lessons from New York and other cities.

Grant MVP

Municipality Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program

Planning Grant: The Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) is seeking proposals for Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Planning Grants, which provide support for Massachusetts cities and towns to complete climate vulnerability assessments and develop action-oriented climate resiliency plans. Communities that complete the MVP planning grant program become certified as an MVP community and are eligible for MVP Action Grant funding. The link to the RFR and required forms can be accessed through the new MVP program website or directly on COMMBUYS. Planning Grant applications are due by 4:00 p.m. on June 4, 2021 (via email, see RFR for details) for MVP planning processes that must be complete by June 30, 2022.

The MVP team also hosted a recent webinar about this FY22 funding round: the recording can be accessed here, and the slides can be accessed here.

Recent Waterfront Request for Proposal

Wasted RFP
It is good the BPDA is taking a close look at all options. The most recent Public Private Project proposals for Pier 5 revisited ancient houseboats. They would over 200′ long, 50′ tall of open waterfront. Rob the public of the entire historic Pier 5. Half of the water-sheet between Pier 5 and Pier 4 would would be lost.

The final exploratory RFP is done. The public has spoken. The last structural evaluation (date) Based on outdated structural assessments with a with scope for building versus open public space. The report was made by a regular contractor of the BPDA. outlines many measures and maintenance the pier would need and were never implemented.

Harbor-View impact showing 30′ elevation. Proposals are 55′.